Ways to Boost Your Instagram Video Views

Most brands have always wanted more views on the videos that they post on Instagram, but it is a tough task. With video now officially part of the Instagram content, then it is a good idea to get as many views as possible.

The Instagram algorithm now considers Instagram video views in rating the performance of your account, in addition to the views you get for your posts. In fact, you can now see the number of views shown directly under the videos that you have posted.

This means you need to get as many views on your videos as you can. Today we look at the various ways to grow your views on your video ads.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Instagram relies on using hashtags, which are words or phrases that affect the number of views. A good hashtag can encourage users to watch the video so that you build the number of views on each video post.

More crucially, the right number of views on each post can extend your reach beyond the current followers, so that you can connect to new members.

You can also utilize the hashtags to find videos that you can create. Make sure you create the videos on trending topics. With this approach, you can make your videos more visible. However, don’t just create videos basing on trending topics, also try and focus on the niche topic.

Studies show that videos on Instagram with at least one relevant hashtag get on average 12 percent more engagement than those that have none at all.

Optimize the Description

Instagram is a highly visual platform, meaning it is all about the visual content that you put up for your audience to check out. One of the top mistakes that brands make is the failure to use descriptions and captions to draw the audience in. Descriptions need to accompany your video content, and they can convince users to watch the videos instead of just scrolling past them.

There are various ways to optimize the description which are proven to increase various video views. These include:


    • The description needs to be long enough to attract the attention of the user, but not so long that users don’t feel like watching the video. Remember though that the video requires a better description than still images. The caption length should be long enough to work with your audience.
    • Use important and engaging information first before you can put the “more info” link.
    • Use line breaks to break up long captions into more manageable chunks so that you give the reader an easy time going through the content.
    • Make sure you tag and mention anyone that is relevant to the content, especially the influencers.


To make your posts more appealing, you also need to increase the number of likes on each video posts. Get started by checking out this service https://www.likesocial.co/getting-started/ to know how to add more likes to your video content.

Post At peak Times

The Instagram algorithm has affected when your users see the posts. This means you need to schedule the posts so that they appear at peak times, which makes a huge difference.

However, you have to know when your users are online so that you take advantage of the time when your audience is fully online. Knowing this time increases the views of the videos that you put up. Once you come up with a solid round of engagement, Instagram boosts the reach of your video, which increases the views further.

The peak times vary from one niche to another, and also vary from one account to another. Since your audience is unique, you need to find the perfect time that applies to them.

Final Words

You need to take the time to understand the need for video views and how to use them in your Instagram marketing. Follow these tips to understand this new aspect of marketing.