The Ultimate Dream Jobs

Chances are when you were a kid your parents would always tell you that the sky is the limit. To shoot for the stars as they wanted you to be a success. Oftentimes, this led you (or any other kids growing up, for that matter) to dream to levels that 99 percent will never aspire to. It is easy to think, as a kid, that you can do anything you want to do. As you grow older, though, you start to realize how much work and luck it would take to live your dream. That does not mean, however, that it still is not fun to imagine it. Envisioning yourself living your dream job can be a very entertaining experience until you snap back into reality. But, hey, it will not hurt anything to imagine yourself in these professions. Some of them, as you will see, are even achievable.

Professional Athlete

Yeah, this might as well be addressed first; as it is the biggest longshot out of the entire list. This is a rare dream job where if you do not start early, you will never have a chance to breakthrough. After all, so many sports see athletes retire before they reach the age of 40. Even if you start early, it is unrealistic to think you could ever play at a professional level. That does not mean you should lack self-confidence, just do not bank on it. However, that is why it is called a dream job.

As all of you know, professional athletes receive ludicrous amounts of money. Not hundreds, thousands, but millions in salary every single year. This is, without a doubt, the catalyst behind wanting this dream to come to fruition. But, you also bring in the dough while partaking in something you are passionate about. Then, there is the press and celebrity status. It is safe to say that, for most people who have any interest in sports, this is on the top of everyone’s list.

Video Game Tester

How many times, while growing up, did your parents preach to you to stop playing video games and do something important with your life? Here is another one, how many times have you been ridiculed for playing them and told to “get a life”? Guess what, there are places that will employ you with a specialty in video games. Yes, you have the “higher-level” positions such as video game programmers and designers. However, if you do not possess those skills you could consider a video game testing position.

Unlike being a professional athlete, this one is actually plausible. The hardest aspect is getting started and laying the groundwork, but you must understand what a video game tester does. Without research, you may believe these individuals are compensated for playing new video games to see if they are up to standard. But, most of the time you will be attempting to break the video game; with any means, necessary. While this can become tedious over time, it is still employment that is directly tied into video games (is there anything better?).

Professional Singer

Dreaming of being a singer is very similar to that of an athlete. Maybe the only difference is that if you decide to start a little late in the game, you could still feasibly fulfill your dream. The best part is that you do not have to shoot to be on the level of Eminem or Britney Spears. You could enter with the mindset of trying to sell a few copies of your song or CD. From there, proper advertising and partners, it could snowball into something legendary.

Sounds easy enough, just as all dream jobs do, right? If this is a passion of yours, why not start out a little slow. Invest in the right recording equipment and begin to test how you sound. It is a longshot, but what dream job is easy to achieve? One of the best websites for finding such equipment is Microphone Geeks, and they have a specifically great review on this legendary instrument mic. Once you receive a great microphone, test how you sound!

Product Tester

Oftentimes, a dream job is considered one that allows someone to receive large amounts of compensation for something they are passionate about. While that is 99 percent true, not always do they must make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thus, is the case when talking about a product tester. How great does it sound to receive various products from a company, test them out and notify them of your results? Now, this may not make you $1,000 a pop but most will pay adequately enough. Most will also allow you to keep whatever product you tested for free.

Higher sums of money would make this one irresistible, but tedious work also brings it down a tad. For instance, most will require you to write a review on each of the products tested; while also documenting all your assessments. At the end of the day, however, you get to enjoy free products and receive compensation for testing them; which is better than 90 percent of jobs in the world.

Tour Guide

This entry is a complete flip from the previous one. Whereas being a product tester would allow you to work from the comfort of your own home (most of the time), being a tour guide would mean you could travel the world and receive a check. When it comes to combining work and travel, there are several ways to do so. Becoming a tour guide is just one of them, but maybe the best.

Not only will you become accustomed to several tourist locations around the continent, you will also get to teach and learn about each destination’s history and heritage. This could then be expanded to doing your own radio show or becoming a featured speaker at worldwide events. You could be living your dream by combining travel with work, but also laying the groundwork for future successes.

Even as adults, it is okay to dream big. Typically, when you grow up you submit to the thought that you could only dream if you were a kid. Sure, some will be a little too late to try now (such as being a professional athlete). But, then there are others that are still within your grasp. Question is, are you going to take the necessary steps to achieve these dreams? Do not sell yourself short, as there is no telling what you can achieve if your mind is focused enough.