Paid Advertising: Social Media vs Search Engines

In an ever-increasing competitive space as advertising, it’s hard figuring out what works and what doesn’t work. Sure there are tools that help you to keep track of certain aspects but none of them cover everything so that you can exactly know who did when or what. I’m sure others disagree with me but I haven’t found a way to pinpoint it exactly.

Advertising on Facebook

There are tons of ways to advertise on Facebook, the easiest and most convenient way is to boost a post that has shown to receive a lot of engagement from your regular fans/followers. However, the options when boosting a post are rather limited, unless you work with custom audiences, then you have a little more to choose from. Still, the boost post option is not the most ideal way to find potential customers.

You can also create your own ad, this way you have more choices such as placements, for example when you’re in the digital marketing space you might not want to show your ads on Instagram as most users are young and don’t need your services. Another option when creating your own ads is that you can target your competitors’ fans, by simply entering their company name, and you can even combine those filters together to only target people that have shown an interest in let’s say Trust Advisor, Neil Patel, and Moz to just point out the obvious ones.

The best way to target visitors is by retargeting people that already visited your website, however, if you are just starting out you might not have many people that visit your website in the first place so although this is one of the most effective ways to advertise it’s not for everyone.

Advertising on Google

Personally, I’m more a fan of advertising on Google by selecting keywords that users are actively searching for. Hardly anyone uses the search function on Facebook and if they do it’s mostly to find new friends, they aren’t searching for products so any products that pass by is quickly ignored while they are scrolling their timeline for updates from friends.

People that search for specific products and services in Google are much more likely to convert so this is why search engines have my preference, they also end up on my website directly so that I can retarget them right away because as you probably know. People need to see an ad multiple times before they even consider purchasing your service.

In Conclusion

If I have to give you some advice I suggest you start with the search engines and make sure you have your Facebook pixel installed as well so that you can, later on, retarget those same users. With a little luck, you already end up with paying customers so that you have the budget at your disposal to scale your marketing practices and make more money in the long run. For more tips please subscribe to our blog and we’ll notify you when we publish a new post, till then!