Online Badge Printing, the Most Reliable Option for Employees Identification

For easy identification of your employees, you need badges. Most people would want to produce their badges at home, but this is challenging since the machines used for the task are expensive.  Apart from the cost of purchasing the devices, you will regularly incur the most of maintaining the equipment to ensure that they give you excellent services.  Producing the badges also requires specific skills and deciding to train your employees to make the badges can be costly.  The best way to get the right badges for your staff is hiring people who have the right expertise and experience in producing these identification badges.

The badging firm you chose should be able to offer you solutions that are online. Online solutions will save you the cost of traveling to their firm to have the badges printed. Services that are internet based are effective and cost efficient, and earned a good reputation in giving clients badging solutions for many years.  This firm allows you to get best badges at an affordable cost and you can get a solution promptly.

Buying soft wares and printers can be very challenging, but with the badging solutions that this company offers, you do not have to worry about your badging needs.  The first process is to register an account at the EasyIDCARD website and then upload the photos used when printing the badges.  All the orders are sent online, and after paying for the job, the company begins working on your badges.  All your badges are printed using the latest printers to ensure that all the badges shipped to your company are high quality.  Badges are printed and sent in a period that does not exceed 24 hours and shipping is done across the world.  There is no particular amount of orders; you are given excellent services even when the company is printing one badge.

Your data is held with a lot of confidentiality to ensure that it is not used by other people for fraudulent deals.  The company website is functional to allow you to preview the cards before you receive them. If there are adjustments required you are supposed to make a request to ensure that the cards you receive match your needs.  To ensure data is secure, there are passwords in all the computers and they are monitored all the time.  The following are the major requirements;

    • 1MB digital photo that has 300dpi resolution
    • Availability of internet
    • A browser that has Macromedia Flash plug-ins
    • A period of 3 minutes

Approval of your orders does not take long, and printing begins immediately.  The cost of shipping is affordable to ensure that you get your badges across the world.  If your order is received on Friday evening or during the weekend, it is delivered on Monday because a significant number of people do not work during the weekend.  The company gives clients two shipping alternatives that you can choose from i.e.

    • Express- this is the fastest option because you will receive your badges in 1-3 days
    • Ground- this option will take a longer period of 5-7 days

Sourcing badging solutions has a lot of benefits which include;

    • You do not incur the cost of buying and maintaining a printer
    • You do not buy accessories that a printer requires printing badges
    • Data security is assured
    • You can easily manage a large stock of badges
    • Your badges are printed by trained individuals

EasyIDCARD manufactures all cards using the highest quality PVC to ensure that all the cards are durable.  When choosing a company for your badges, you should be keen on experience. EasyIDCARD has been offering badging solutions to clients for decades.  An experienced firm gives you the most outstanding services to give you a reason to come back. Online badge creation is instant and you do not waste a lot of time working on the badges.  You have the option of customizing your cards to suit your needs, and you can use the designs available at the company website. The online designs can be created in a short time, and they are all unique.  To ensure that you have the best quality cards you should always log into the company website to proof that the cards are perfect.

The company ensures that your badges are professional and authentic.  If you submit a fake card EasyIDCARD does not process your cards. This is done to ensure that the company complies with the laws and ensure that they do not get involved in any fraudulent deal.  The company website has all the transaction history to ensure there is transparency.  When paying for the badges the company requires you to add an extra amount of cash for sales tax. PDF files format are not accepted when sending photos because the company equipment only works with GIF, PNG and JPEG files.  The equipment used at EasyIDCARD does not accept files that exceed 2MB.  Always reduce the size of your files before sending them for processing.