Instagram for Yoga Teachers: What You Need to Do

Yoga teachers are increasingly taking to Instagram with the aim of showcasing their skills and getting more students. Being a 100 percent visual platform, Instagram is ideal for yoga teachers because of its emphasis on inspirational visual content.

There are high chances that your students are already on the platform, so if you aren’t then, you are missing out on an opportunity to network and get more students to your studio. This is why you need to know how to use Instagram.

Where Can You Post Photos and Videos on Instagram?

The first thing you need to understand is where you can post images and videos for the followers to access. There are two main areas that you can do this.

First, you can put your images on your feed. This is where you need to place your best images and videos. The photos you upload act as a personal gallery that is permanent, and you only decide when to delete the images.

You will find that most users try to maintain a consistent theme across the images that they post on their feed. This is like a signature look, which means that you make the theme constant. The users also maintain a regular posting schedule that makes it easy for their followers to get content each time.

Secondly, you can post your content on your Instagram Stories. At this place, you can post casually without the need to worry about how everything looks remember that the content you share disappears after 24 hours. You can use this to share stories about your daily life and company processes.

As a general rule, you need to share content that suits your image as a Yoga teacher. Choose the most appealing content to post on your feed so that you can grab the attention of the user.

Watch and Learn

Apart from experimenting with different strategies as you look for the best that suits your goals, you also need to watch the account of already successful yoga teachers so that you can accelerate your progress. Check out what they are doing well as well as those that they could improve on.

Don’t get intimidated when you see so much engagement on their pictures – remember that they started out as beginners once. Try to get inspired instead of getting overwhelmed.

Share Your Classes

You can get more followers if you share what you do in class. Take shots of the class in progress and post them with a caption detailing what is happening in the class. However, some of the students might feel uncomfortable being photographed without knowing, it is therefore imperative that you tell them beforehand and get their permission before taking the shots.

Use Proof

You can use any proof that includes endorsements, testimonials, and reviews to give your potential students a peek into what kind of class you offer.

Make sure you get permission before you post anything on the profile, especially if there is something that can identify the reviewer.

Automate Some More

You need to automate some tasks so that you make it possible to get more followers to your page and get some more time to come up with great content. Free Your Spine recommends a few tools to help you get some time for other tasks. These tools take most of the manual tasks and make them automated, increasing the ROI.

In Closing

You need to take your Yoga classes to the next level with the right tactics. Instagram helps you take your business to new students, and it helps make the old ones loyal.