Benefits of Relaxation Masks

Benefits of Relaxation Masks

If you are getting fewer than 8 hours of sleep every night, odds are you are sleep deprived. Furthermore, you potentially have no idea just how much loss of sleep is affecting you.

How can you be sleep deprived without having any knowledge of it? Many of the indications of sleep deprivation are subtler than falling face first in a dinner plate. Moreover, if you have made a habit of skimping out on sleep, you might not even recall what it feels like to be really alert, fully awake, and ready to go. Perhaps it seems normal to get sleepy as you are in a boring meeting, having trouble getting through that afternoon slump, or nodding off after supper, yet the fact is that it only is “normal” if you are sleep deprived.

You might be sleep deprived if you…

  • Require an alarm clock to wake up in time
  • Rely upon your snooze button
  • Have a difficult time rising out of bed when morning arrives
  • Seem sluggish within the afternoon
  • Become drowsy in warm rooms, lectures, or meetings
  • Become sleepy after a heavy meal or while driving
  • Have to nap to get through your day
  • Go to asleep when watching television or relaxing at night
  • Feel the necessity to sleep in on the weekends
  • Go to asleep within 5 minutes of laying down for bed

Effects of sleep deprivation

As it might seem like losing sleep is not such a huge deal, sleep deprivation will have a broad array of negative effects which go beyond daytime sleepiness. Loss of sleep will affect your reaction times, coordination, and judgment. As a matter of fact, sleep deprivation may affect you similar to the way in which someone is drunk.

Its effects involve:

  • Lack of motivation, lethargy, fatigue
  • Increased risk of depression, irritability and moodiness
  • Relationship problems; decreased sex drive
  • Impaired brain activity; memory, concentration, and learning problems
  • Decreased problem-solving skills and creativity; hard time making decisions
  • Incapability of coping with stress, hard time managing emotions
  • Premature aging of skin
  • Weakened immune system; constant infections and colds; gaining weight
  • Impaired motor skills as well as increased accident risk; delirium and hallucinations
  • Higher risk of severe health issues, which include diabetes, stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, and specific cancers

According to the National Sleep Foundation it is recommended to get 7 – 9 hours of sleep every night – no simple feat for busy average Americans. To achieve this naturally, most individuals turn to relaxation masks, an aid which may improve your life quality in numerous ways, which include these 3 benefits:

Improves sleep

The initial relaxation mask benefit is the most typical reason for utilizing this type of tool: they’ll block light out during the evening so it’s possible to fall asleep. Whether you are attempting to catch some z’s on a red-eye flight or to share a bedroom with somebody who loves to remain up late reading with a lamp on, this aid will shield the eyes from light and additional distractions, assisting you in drifting off as fast as you can. Click for info on sleep mask reviews.

Bear in mind that getting adequate sleep is not just about kicking a caffeine addiction or avoiding your afternoon energy slump – it is vital for your health. This component of self-care is critical for both your physical and mental well-being, according to National Heart, Blood & Lung Institute. Sleep deprivation even has been connected to increased obesity risk, elevated blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and additional troubling health conditions.

Will encourage relaxation

The stress of your day does not vanish as the sun sets. Occasionally when you finally have the ability to change into something more comfortable and get into bed, your mind might not have the ability to shut off, and leave you alert and staring at your ceiling for hours. But, a relaxation mask might assist you by promoting relaxation, aiding you in drifting off to sleep. A few of the aids offer gentle pressure around the eyes, which most individuals find soothing. Also, the best relaxation masks provide additional benefits that encourage stress relief.

Offers relief of pain

Sometimes it might not be distractions or stress that keeps you awake – it might be pain. It’s especially common if you experience regular migraines or headaches. A relaxation mask may assist in blocking out the light which might irritate your condition, aiding in minimizing the symptoms.

A few masks even can be put in the freezer, permitting you to appreciate the gentle relief developed by the cold material, like the way you may use a cool compress on your sore knee. That may be useful not just for headaches, yet also eye strain, whether it is caused by a lengthy day of work at your computer or hours spent lost inside a favorite book.