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Ways to Boost Your Instagram Video Views

Most brands have always wanted more views on the videos that they post on Instagram, but it is a tough task. With video now officially part of the Instagram content, then it is a good idea to get as many views as possible. The Instagram algorithm now considers Instagram video views in rating the performance […]

Instagram for Yoga Teachers: What You Need to Do

Yoga teachers are increasingly taking to Instagram with the aim of showcasing their skills and getting more students. Being a 100 percent visual platform, Instagram is ideal for yoga teachers because of its emphasis on inspirational visual content. There are high chances that your students are already on the platform, so if you aren’t then, […]

To Engage or Not To Engage: Instagram Fame Beckons

Over the past few years, Instagram has evolved from being a place to post pet photos to becoming a driver of a lot of business for some of the top brands in the world. Many brands are also jumping on the bandwagon with the aim of getting a slice of the pie. Unlike other social […]

Steps to Build the Ultimate Twitter Marketing Plan

The ideal Twitter marketing plan represents a list of everything that you wish to achieve for your brand. The strategy begins when you decide to open an account on Twitter. This is the point that you start building the strategy from scratch and add various aspects to it to make it perfect for your brand. […]

How to Jump-start Your Dying Business

Statistics show that more than 50 percent of businesses fail during the first 5 years of their operation. The truth is that these businesses don’t go down overnight. If you think critically, there are a few signs that point to the fact that the business is soon failing, but many business owners fail to notice […]

Holiday History: The Origins of 3 Christmas Traditions

Celebrated in more than 160 countries by over two billion people around the world, Christmas is the biggest date on the calendar for many people. In the United States alone, 90 percent of the population celebrates Christmas, with a third of Americans recognizing December 25 as a cultural holiday instead of a religious holiday. Even […]

Do You Need Instagram as an Author?

With more than 800 million visitors a month, you must be wondering whether Instagram is the best platform to market your books. After all, the main content of a book is text as compared to images and video, which is the mainstay of Instagram. Words form the lifeline of every facet of a writer’s work. […]

Should You Opt for a Wedding Singer or Band

Many factors come in play when choosing the kind of entertainment for an upcoming weeding. One of the toughest tasks is to choose the kind of music you like and a singer to perform on the day within your budget. One of the top questions on many peoples’ minds is whether to choose a solo […]

The Benefits of choosing a pay monthly website with Pay Monthly

Many startup businesses need a website in order to showcase their business or product. Purchasing a website can be a huge upfront investment that can become a financial burden and a very time consuming process. Setting a website up alone can be a very daunting idea and also a time consuming process that can lead […]

Website And Marketing Is Crucial For Your Business

In today’s Internet age business has adapted to customers expectations regarding marketing and online presence. Customers now expect every company to have a website where they can preview the company, look at products, and make orders that will be sent quickly to their home. They expect a social media presence on every major social media […]