Apple’s HomeKit: Control Several Devices From a Single Device

With the advent of smartphones and smart living, Apple Inc. jumped into the fray with its HomeKit, which seeks to put various devices in your home at the beck and call of your Apple watch and smartphone. Apple’s peek into the future sees a situation where the kit will talk to your ceiling fans, smart lights and work seamlessly with the thermostat in your home. Apple is already halfway there, with various systems working with the kit already. Here are some of the “magic” you can weave in your home with the HomeKit.

Control Your Shades

The biggest task in every home each morning and evening is running around to close your shades. This is what inspired Lutron to come up with its innovative Caseta Wireless Smart Bridge, which, together with Siri (Apple’s voice app), can open and close Serena battery-powered shades. Getting the Smart Bridge Pro gives you greater leverage, expanding the types of Lutron shades you can control from your phone.

Adjust Your Home Temperature

Honeywell has come up with a thermostat that comes with support for Apple HomeKit. This thermostat uses Siri to tap into a host of temperature tweaks. The thermostat can also adjust the indoor temperature depending on external conditions, send text, and email alerts. This thermostat comes with advanced geofencing features that detect when you are home or out, and adjust the temperature accordingly.

Control Your Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans have a long history behind them, and it is hard to think of this common home appliance as “smart”. However, Hunter has gone ahead to change this notion and give you the ability to control ceiling fans, thanks to Apple HomeKit and Wi-Fi. The ability to support the HomeKit means that you get to control a single fan or a group of them using Siri.

Hunter takes the automation to another level, allowing you to use scenes in home automation. Scenes enable you to use one voice command to execute several actions. For instance, you can come up with a scene that turns the fans off, opens the doors and closes the garage door. You can get more information on smart ceilings on

Detect Leaks

Grid Connect has come up with a HomeKit-enabled temperature and humidity sensor for areas that can’t fit a thermostat such as storage areas, greenhouses, and your basement. The sensors detect leaks in these spots and alert you via your apple device. You can use voice commands to change settings or the status of the sensor.

Open and Lock Doors

With key-free entry becoming the norm, Kwikset came up with Premis, a HomeKit-compatible smart lock. All you need is to use voice commands via Siri to open or close the door. Premis also works with other HomeKit-enabled systems, such as thermostats and lighting controls. It gives you the luxury of 30 unique voice commands.

Are You Ready for a Smart Home?

Managing a home, whether big or small can be a daunting task for any family. Hectic routines and busy schedules can reduce the efficiency of your home, thereby eating away at your resting time. Some of the small tasks such as closing your shades can take more of your precious time. Apple HomeKit rescues this time for you by creating a platform that integrates various smart devices in your home.