Chainsaw Buying Tips

6 Chainsaw Buying Tips for the Inexperienced Buyer

Are you having a hard time finding the right chainsaw? Whether you’re buying a new one or replacing
your current chainsaw, there’s a great deal of options to choose from.
Before buying a chainsaw for the first time, it’s vital that you read credible reviews first. Don’t be
swayed by appearances; a blade may appear sturdy and capable of getting the job done quickly, but it
might be too heavy and thus make you tire easily. Here are a few tips to help you make an informed

Consider purpose

Have you thought about the main reason you’re buying a chainsaw? Perhaps you need a machine for
general purpose backyard tasks. Or you maybe you need a powerful chainsaw for use in forest fire
operations. For every cutting task, you are likely to find just the right tool for the job. You wouldn’t want
to buy a chainsaw that’s either too small for your tasks, or overkill on the other hand. Knowing exactly
what tasks you’ll take on with the chainsaw will help you narrow down your options so you can find the
right tool quickly.


If you’re a first time user, you’re perhaps better off going with a lightweight rather that heavy-duty
model. A lightweight model is easier to handle and will allow you to maneuver through the wood with
minimal effort. You will also gain in confidence as you continue to use your chainsaw, and you can build
on this confidence to handle the more complex models. When searching for chainsaws, be sure to
include the word “beginner” in your search. You’ll find lots of interesting models to choose from at
affordable prices.

Ease of use

One of the most important things to look out for in a chainsaw is its grip. Make sure the grip needs to be
comfortable enough to handle as it would be dangerous to have the chainsaw slip out of your hand
when in the middle of a cutting operation.

If you’re buying at a local store, hold the chainsaw in your hand to have a feel of how it would be like to
use it. Make sure it has a stable center of gravity, which ensures a proper sense of balance. If you’re
buying a chainsaw online, be sure to carefully read the description to see if it meets these requirements.
Also take a moment to go through the customer reviews get a picture of the first-hand experience of
other users.


When it comes to chainsaws, the safety of the user is of paramount importance. A good chainsaw
should have enough safety features that help prevent injury. These include a kickback guard, chain

brake, throttle lock, chain catcher and bar scabbard. Some cheaper models may be missing one or two
of these features, making them less safe to use.


To pick up from the point above, checking out reviews by other users is one of the best ways to know if
a chainsaw would be the right fit for your needs. You will often find some customer reviews on the
product, but these might not always suffice. This is where in-depth reviews by trusted independent
reviewers like Chain Cutting can come in handy. Using such resources will help you cut down on the
time it usually takes to find the best chainsaw options. You may even find some hidden gems—tools that
are not only of a higher quality, but also cheaper prices.


Pricing is almost always a top consideration when shopping for equipment of any kind. Be careful not to
go for the most affordable deals, however. A good chainsaw should be able to serve you for a number of
years without any significant problems. So it’s always best to go for the best quality you can find, even if
it means paying a few extra dollars. Be on the look for any special sale offers at your local hardware or

When purchasing a chainsaw, remember to put safety considerations first. Chainsaws can be quite
dangerous f not handled properly, but with the best safety features built-in, you will be facing a lower
risk of injury. When starting out, be sure to also check out safety guides and best tips for operating your