What To Watch Out For When Hiring a Minivan

Hiring a minivan, it looks so straightforward right but is it? In this article, we are going to cover a number of things that you probably haven’t thought of yet so keep on reading so that you will learn a few new things.

It all starts with planning it

The first and most important part is calculating how much space you really need. You don’t want to find yourself riding twice to the same location, wasting a lot of money on gasoline that you could’ve spent on a larger van instead and save yourself a lot of money.

If it’s a minivan to move people instead make sure you know how many people join you on your trip. A van suitable for six people is much cheaper than one of those larger vans that nine people fit into. Spend all that extra money just because one person isn’t sure if he’s coming along or not? I don’t know, maybe you want to get some clarity about the reasons why he/she would go or not go with you on the trip and see if it’s still worth it to hire a larger van.

For moving goods make sure to check out the weight of what you want to move as well. Some vans come with a tailgate to lift things, others don’t. Better find out sooner than later.

Compare with details in mind

Although the prices may look like they differ a lot at first it might not be that much different when you start to include things like extra cost per mile, most vans come with a 100km free mileage but some don’t.

Other things to check for are insurances, it’s not always covered in the price so get all the details you need upfront. Also, make sure you read the terms & conditions in detail as there might be more in the small letters than you anticipated.

Is the documentation correct?

It is easy to overlook this but when the police stop you, you might have a problem. So before you start your journey make sure that the documentation is in place, up to date, and correct. It could be that the company that rents it out switched it up by accident so definitely check the license plate.

Don’t forget your driver license!

It sounds like an obvious one but after having worked at a car rental company for a couple of years I still see it happening nearly every week that one of our customers forgot to bring their driver license. We need to take a copy of that so without a driver license no van rental.

Check the vehicle itself

You want to walk around the vehicle and take a close look at the pain to see if there are any less visible scratches that the rental company want to make you responsible for on your return. Taking some photos will help as well. If there’s any visible damage tell the rental company and let them write it down on your rental agreement. This way you secure yourself a trouble-free renting experience.

Driving a car, now a van

You might not realize this but driving a van is quite different than driving a car. Especially when parking it as you can’t look through your rearview windows but have to rely on your side mirrors only. This is a little harder than it looks so perhaps you might want to find a larger parking space at first. At http://www.minibuses.co/they are more than willing to give you some pointers and perhaps a little practice at their terrain if you need it.