Low-Budget Marketing Strategies to take your Startup off the Ground

Low-Budget Marketing Strategies to take your Startup off the Ground

Marketing, done right, is one of the surest ways to increase your business’s net revenue.  On the flip side, however, it can feel like tossing your hard-earned cash into a ball of fire if you make mistakes. Still, it is an integral part of any serious business.

So, what if you don’t have killer marketing instincts? Does it mean that your startup has a near zero chance of standing out? Well, that shouldn’t bother you! The following list of tidbits will help you make more sales without burning through your wallet.

Take your Marketing Efforts Online

Look around – everyone has a smartphone these days. Plus, you don’t have to break the bank to own a high-quality laptop or tablet. Do you know what this means? Well, it implies that more people have access to the internet.

So, if you want to reach out to a bigger audience, you must have a website. Even then, creating a site and uploading content isn’t enough. You have to do it in a way that makes you visible on SERPS and most importantly, above your competitors.

The long and short of it is that you have to know the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) if you want to optimize your conversion rate. In other words, it makes your work a lot easier if you understand the dynamics of online marketing.

Sell the Benefit

Your potential customers want to know why your product is different – so stop comparing yourself with others. And, there are three tactics you can use here;

  • Offering a competitive price
  • Making sure that the quality of your products is better
  • Or, a combination of these two factors

It is essential to insist that how you sell your brand is entirely different from how you market yourself. You can tell your customer that you offer a cheaper service, but the biggest question is how you’re going to change his/her life.

Listen to your Client

Did you know that Sam Walton of the renowned retail giant Walmart started his empire in rural America? Of course, this was despite the notion that a massive retailer can only flourish in a big city or a densely populated area. Remember, the logic is that if you want to move large quantities of merchandise, you have to be near a mass of people.

But, Walton had a better understanding of his customers because he’d listen to them frequently. He knew people who resided in your and suburban areas often buy goods in large quantities since they require enough supplies to last their families. Some need enough stock to keep their businesses afloat.

So, Walton listened to his customers, and as a result, he now owns the most powerful brick and mortar retailer on the planet. Sure, your customers may defy logic at times, but it is always a good idea to listen to them – as the famous saying goes, the customer is always right.

Market your Product Before it Hits the Market

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to wait until your new product is perfect before embarking on a serious marketing campaign. In other words, you should expect to sell your product or service as soon as it is ready. See, at this stage, no one knows it, so there’s zero demand.

You’re better off doing a preemptive awareness campaign, no matter the scale. That way will let your customers know that something is coming. Think of it as a way to sell the benefit before the product arrives.

Be Creative

You have to think outside the box to make it in the business world –there are no two ways about it.  The marketing landscape keeps changing dramatically year after year. Back in the day, for instance, there was nothing like social media, search engines.  There was no internet, as well. So, you should always be on the lookout for the next frontier in marketing to make sure that you can take advantage of everything that comes your way.

In conclusion, don’t forget to test various marketing strategies. And, if you fail, be sure to recover quickly and move on to the next technique.  After all, business isn’t for the faint-hearted.

No Shave November – What You Need to Know

No Shave November – What You Need to Know

No Shave November, also known as Movember, involves growing facial hair to create awareness about the prostate and testicular cancer. The concept behind No Shave November to let the hair grow and donating the money that would have otherwise been used on shaving and grooming to educate about cancer prevention to save lives and help those fighting the disease. The cash goes to the American Cancer Society.

How to Get Involved

You can get involved in No Shave November by growing facial hair the begging of the month and not shaving for 30 consecutive days. According to the No Shave November’s website, everyone spends his or her money on grooming whether it is on waxing, threading or trimming. If the money spent at the salon or the barbers could be channeled to a cancer charity instead friends and families could accumulate significant amounts of money that could help cancer patients and their families, the website states.

Can You Grow a Mustache?

Yes, men are allowed to grow a mustache. Women can participate in participating in No Shave November by encouraging their men to grow beards and getting them to be active as part of Movember’s newly introduced Move initiative.

What You Need to Know Prostate and Testicular Cancer

It is important to mention a few facts about prostate and testicular cancer to make you feel obliged to get involved in No Shave November

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancers in the United States with National Cancer Institute saying that there have been an estimated 233,000 new cases since 2014. This means that prostate cancer accounts for 14% of all new cancer cases.

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), an estimated 29,000 patients will die of prostate cancer this year alone. This number accounts for about 5% of all cancer deaths.

Testicular Cancer

The NIH estimates that nearly 10, 820 people will be diagnosed with cancer, and 510 will succumb to the disease.

What You Need to Know About Cancer in General

There will be an estimated 1,658, 370 new cases of cancer in 2018 according to NIH. An estimated 589,430 patients will die as a result of the disease. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, cancer is the second leading of death in the United States from heart disease.

On a Lighter Note – Can you keep your mustache beyond the No Shave November? Yes, and you would make the American Moustache Institute very happy.

Well, What if you Want to Get Rid of the Hair?

If shaving isn’t your thing, or want to try something different, laser hair removal could be an option. Statistics indicate that this is one of the most commonly used cosmetic procedures in the United States. Even then, you need to know a couple of things before deciding if this is the right route for you.

You Can Use it to Shape your Facial Hair

See, removing your beards using laser is super-effective. By extension, this implies that you can use it tame spots you trim regularly. Be sure to clean your neck (an area notorious for ingrown hairs), the top part of your cheeks and the strands around your mustache or beard.

Think in the Lines of Reduction, not Removal

There’s one thing that you need to know about using laser for hair removal – in most cases, it will get rid of your strands completely. In other words, it will thin your hair by 70 to 85%. So, you should keep that in mind before you head to your barber shop for the procedure. Of course, the general assumption is that you will need to grow hair next November!

Other Men do it

One of the biggest misconceptions about removing hair with a laser machine is that most men don’t consider it. Well, as surprising as it sounds, men who’re tired of dealing with ingrown hairs and razor burn have no problem using the procedure to get rid of whiskers. The available data shows that in New York City alone, for instance, one in every five men think that laser is an excellent procedure to get rid of unwanted hair.

Tips to Prevent your Baby from Escaping their Crib

Tips to Prevent your Baby from Escaping their Crib

Kids are naturally curious, and yours is no different. The little one may be sleeping in the crib till dawn without throwing tantrums, but soon or later, as the curiosity grows, he or she will start finding ways to get out of the crib.

And you know what that means? It implies that your baby is no longer safe. Once the child climbs out of the crib in your absence, you never know what they may be up to, and that could spell a disaster waiting to happen.

Responsible parenting requires that you take the necessary measures to ensure that the baby remains safe at all time, including preventing him or her from escaping their crib.

Here’s a checklist of tips that will help keep the little one where he or she belongs – in the crib.

Make the Crib as Comfortable as Possible

One of the easiest ways to make your little monster remain in the crib is to increase the level of comfort. It’s not uncommon to hear parents ask – can I use a mattress pad for my baby? Yes, you can! On top of making the crib comfortable, a pad provides extra cushioning to supports the young one’s fragile bones and body. You only need to ensure that you get something high quality.

Invest in a Sleep Sack

At times it is almost impossible to remove items such as toys inside the crib to keep the baby engaged in some activity when they’re not sleeping. If that’s the case, consider investing in a sleep sack. Among other benefits, the bag will make sure that the kid’s legs remain enclosed while they’re in the crib. In essence, the pocket reduces the likelihood that the baby may get out of the crib to near zero.

Let the Young One Transition to a Toddler Bed

Even with the best prevention methods in place, the baby might still find a way out of the crib. If it becomes a persistent problem, then it’s time to let the child move to a toddler bed. However, ensure that the bed comes with a bumper or rail for safety.

While allowing the baby to shift to a toddler bed will significantly reduce the injury risk, it is worth noting that it will increase the likelihood that the little young one will come looking for you late at night because it’s now easier to get on and off the bed. So, be sure to let the child use a toddler bed on when you’re ready for the consequences.

Keep the Mattress at the Lowest Point Possible

The higher the mattress is in a crib, the easier it is for the baby to climb out. Ensure that it stays at the very bottom of the crib to reduce the chances of escaping. However, this measure only applies to bigger babies who have enough muscle power to climb out.

Change Baby’s Schedule Once in a While

One of the primary reasons babies escape from their cribs is monotony. They are eager to try out environments other than the crib. Monitor the baby’s sleeping pattern and put them in the crib only when they need to take a nap.

For instance, as he or she ages, you may notice that they’re no longer taking morning naps. You should, therefore, stop putting them in the crib in the morning and adjust to their sleeping pattern.

Take it Easy

Even though it is essential to let the little one know that they should stop escaping from their crib, you should do it in a manner that doesn’t look like you’re overreacting. You should never let the baby know that you’re concerned about their behavior by giving them more attention because doing so will only encourage them to escape even more.

The Bottom Line

When your baby sleeps in a crib, you at the very least have some peace of mind. However, when they start escaping, it’s time to get concerned. Encourage the baby to sleep in the crib as much as you can until they’re of the right age to transition to a toddler bed.

One more important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t use the crib for time out because the baby may view it as a punishment spot, which means that they won’t stay in it.

How To Improve The Quality Of Your Sleep

How To Improve The Quality Of Your Sleep

Research shows that most people find it hard catching sleep and as a result affects the quality of their lives. You may find yourself with fatigue issues and also finding it hard to concentrate while at work when you have poor sleeping habits. Experts on this field recommend that one should sleep for at least 8 hours in a day. However, most people find it hard to heed to this advice and some oversleep while others spend less than 8 hours in bed daily. Obesity is among the disorders that people who do not get quality sleep suffer from. The following are the perfect tips to have a good night sleep

Prepare a sleeping schedule

It may seem like a lame tip, but it works magic. Having a schedule will condition your brain to fall asleep or wake up at a given time. Your plan will depend on your work schedules and the time at your disposal. For instance, if you have to report to work by 9 in the morning, then sleeping at ten in the evening will give you the eight hours of sleep you need. There may at other times you compromise the schedule but ensure that the time difference is not that big.

Eliminate distractions

Many things can affect the quality of sleep but you can as well have control over them. Excessive lighting can be a big hindrance, and you may find yourself having problems sleeping soundly. Turn off the lights before you head to sleep if this is your major distraction. If the light comes from the outside, then invest in good curtains and blinds that will block such light. You can also invest in sleeping masks if you sleep during the day and light always finds its way to your bedroom.


You need a clear mind if you want to have a good night sleep. Working out is an important approach when you want to cool your mind and get rid of the negative energy. You do not need to do the heavy exercises or even sign up for a commercial gym to achieve this. You can work out from home or even jog in the outdoors after a busy day. You can also try simple approaches such as meditation and yoga that are perfect when it comes to cooling your mind. Consistency is essential if you want to have quantifiable results.

Eat the right diet

If you are the kind of person who prefers processed foods, then you should know that you are on the wrong track. Processed foods increase the risk of adding a lot of weight which makes it hard for you to sleep. You may find yourself also snoring which affects the quality of your sleep. Take fresh foods before you head to sleep. Remember to take light meals as your body does not need a lot of energy while you are resting. You also do not need foods that will lead to stomach upsets and make you head to the bathroom regularly. Avoid taking caffeinated drinks such as coffee as they will make your brain remain alert.

Accessorize your bedroom based on the season

There are a lot of things such as season and weather variations that you cannot control. Such variations can affect the quality of sleep you get. The good news is that you can do some few changes and get the quality of sleep you deserve irrespective of the temperature variations. For instance, it is easy to stay cool during the hot seasons of the year when you acquire an electric cooling blanket. Such beddings will provide a warm environment during the cold season and make your life bearable all year through.

Reduce irregular nap times

There are times that fatigue may eat you up and feel like napping especially in the afternoons. It is okay to give your body some time to rest, but it is also wise not to overdo it. You can take a walk in the neighborhood when you feel tired and get some rest. You can also engage a friend or colleague instead of sleeping which you may overdo in the long run. It also becomes hard to keep track of the duration of your sleep when you have irregular naps sessions. Set the alarm to make sure that you wake up after a given duration if you must nap during the day.

When most people find it hard to sleep, they always rush to the nearest drug store to get some pills. However, such an approach is harmful as it makes your body addicted to drugs which mean that you will always struggle to fall asleep without the drugs. The natural ways highlighted above do not come with any side effects. They are also applicable to everyone irrespective of age and work schedules.

Home Beauty Devices

Home Beauty Devices

Nowadays, taking care of one’s beauty seems necessary, but sometimes difficult to accomplish due to lack of the time to visit the beauty salon or spa houses, more info here .

That said, certain home devices can be a good complement to dermatologist procedures or spa treatments. In our article we will take a look at the home beauty devices that could limit your time at the beauty salon.

  • Acne buster: Designed as a targeted spot treatment (not a full-face device), this gadget features not only antibacterial blue LED light, also pore-opening sonic vibration and gentle warming to help tame breakouts.

It can be used by teens and adults alike. No matter what you skin type or tone is, this device will help you to achieve that smooth face that you have always desired.

  • Wrinkle smoother: This tool uses a variety of light-emitting diodes (LEDs)-amber, red and infrared.

The claim is that skin absorbs this energy, then stimulates the production of collagen and elastin (the key proteins responsible for keeping the skin plump and line-free), relieves inflammation and speeds cellular repair; it helps in exfoliation of your skin.

  • Anti-ager: The device uses targeted beams of light to stimulate the natural cell renewal cycle in order to generate collage. This kick-starts the skin’s self-repair process, resulting in fresh, new cells, with diminished facial lines and wrinkles as well as less noticeable spots.
  • Pore detoxifier: This cleansing tool loosens the sticky debris plugging your pores, by oscillating at high frequency.
  • Face firmer: This device includes two handheld units you position on opposite sides of your face; they then generate low-level electrical impulses to spur involuntary muscle contractions.

The premise is that facial exercising has a firming effect on slack skin, similar to the way a workout tones your body.

  • Skin buffer: This tool is gentler-it couples the buzz of a rotating foam brush with a gritty, warming cry polish.

The combination is designed to exfoliate the skin more thoroughly than using the hand.

  • Laser hair removal: This is an easy way to remove your hair if there is a problem with it. The laser hair device can help you get rid of that unwanted hair quite easily.
  • Makeup brush cleaner: The hassle of cleaning your makeup brushes is removed with this device. The makeup brush cleaner works thoroughly on the brushes and cleans out the bits of powders and sticky substances that might prove difficult to wash manually.
Indicators That You Are Ready To Venture Into Transport Business

Indicators That You Are Ready To Venture Into Transport Business

When most people undergo formal education, all that some of them can think about is seeking employment and getting a paycheck at the end of every month. However, such people never want to explore the self-employment route due to the uncertainties in earnings and business cycles. The transport industry is one of the lucrative sectors that can transform you from a job seeker to become a job creator. Deciding whether to venture in this area can be a hard and involving step to take as it comes with its fair share of challenges. The following are some of the pointers that you are ready to engage.

You have done your market research

There are various areas that you need to research on before you decide whether you will invest in this sector or not. You have to know how your potential competitors are faring and how you can use such information to your advantage. The demographics and consumer habits of your potentials are also crucial when it comes to making decisions. Do not expect to gather all the information overnight but it might take time. Sometimes you may have to hire experts to help you analyze the data and make informed decisions.

You have decided the subsector to venture in

There are many areas that you can venture in, and they all have their advantages and challenges. Some of the most common ones include car hire services, cab, specialized transport, public transport, and delivery business. Analyze every category and get a deep understanding of what to expect once you get on board. The category that you choose will also determine the type of vehicle that you will purchase. You can use minibusses across several categories such as tour travels, deliveries and public transport. You can check some of the luxury minibuses that are on sale that you can use for the above subcategories.

You are ready to deal with the pressure

The sad thing when it comes to self-employment is that it is demanding and balancing work and social life can be hard. There are times that you will be on the road for days or even weeks depending on the subcategory you venture. Also if you hire drivers to do the hard tasks, you still have to keep tracking your vehicles and deal with orders. The only to deal with this pressure is by designing a plan that you can follow easily and on a regular basis.

You have all the operating licenses

You have to follow the laid-down procedures if you want to succeed in this area. The requirements for this sector will vary from one state to the other. The choice of the category will also determine the licenses that you have to acquire. Most of these licenses come at a fee. You have to do your basic research and understand what is required of you right from the start. You can start with short-term licenses but ensure that you are always up-to-date and be on the right side of the law.

Paid Advertising: Social Media vs Search Engines

Paid Advertising: Social Media vs Search Engines

In an ever-increasing competitive space as advertising, it’s hard figuring out what works and what doesn’t work. Sure there are tools that help you to keep track of certain aspects but none of them cover everything so that you can exactly know who did when or what. I’m sure others disagree with me but I haven’t found a way to pinpoint it exactly.

Advertising on Facebook

There are tons of ways to advertise on Facebook, the easiest and most convenient way is to boost a post that has shown to receive a lot of engagement from your regular fans/followers. However, the options when boosting a post are rather limited, unless you work with custom audiences, then you have a little more to choose from. Still, the boost post option is not the most ideal way to find potential customers.

You can also create your own ad, this way you have more choices such as placements, for example when you’re in the digital marketing space you might not want to show your ads on Instagram as most users are young and don’t need your services. Another option when creating your own ads is that you can target your competitors’ fans, by simply entering their company name, and you can even combine those filters together to only target people that have shown an interest in let’s say Trust Advisor, Neil Patel, and Moz to just point out the obvious ones.

The best way to target visitors is by retargeting people that already visited your website, however, if you are just starting out you might not have many people that visit your website in the first place so although this is one of the most effective ways to advertise it’s not for everyone.

Advertising on Google

Personally, I’m more a fan of advertising on Google by selecting keywords that users are actively searching for. Hardly anyone uses the search function on Facebook and if they do it’s mostly to find new friends, they aren’t searching for products so any products that pass by is quickly ignored while they are scrolling their timeline for updates from friends.

People that search for specific products and services in Google are much more likely to convert so this is why search engines have my preference, they also end up on my website directly so that I can retarget them right away because as you probably know. People need to see an ad multiple times before they even consider purchasing your service.

In Conclusion

If I have to give you some advice I suggest you start with the search engines and make sure you have your Facebook pixel installed as well so that you can, later on, retarget those same users. With a little luck, you already end up with paying customers so that you have the budget at your disposal to scale your marketing practices and make more money in the long run. For more tips please subscribe to our blog and we’ll notify you when we publish a new post, till then!

Ways to Boost Your Instagram Video Views

Ways to Boost Your Instagram Video Views

Most brands have always wanted more views on the videos that they post on Instagram, but it is a tough task. With video now officially part of the Instagram content, then it is a good idea to get as many views as possible.

The Instagram algorithm now considers Instagram video views in rating the performance of your account, in addition to the views you get for your posts. In fact, you can now see the number of views shown directly under the videos that you have posted.

This means you need to get as many views on your videos as you can. Today we look at the various ways to grow your views on your video ads.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Instagram relies on using hashtags, which are words or phrases that affect the number of views. A good hashtag can encourage users to watch the video so that you build the number of views on each video post.

More crucially, the right number of views on each post can extend your reach beyond the current followers, so that you can connect to new members.

You can also utilize the hashtags to find videos that you can create. Make sure you create the videos on trending topics. With this approach, you can make your videos more visible. However, don’t just create videos basing on trending topics, also try and focus on the niche topic.

Studies show that videos on Instagram with at least one relevant hashtag get on average 12 percent more engagement than those that have none at all.

Optimize the Description

Instagram is a highly visual platform, meaning it is all about the visual content that you put up for your audience to check out. One of the top mistakes that brands make is the failure to use descriptions and captions to draw the audience in. Descriptions need to accompany your video content, and they can convince users to watch the videos instead of just scrolling past them.

There are various ways to optimize the description which are proven to increase various video views. These include:


    • The description needs to be long enough to attract the attention of the user, but not so long that users don’t feel like watching the video. Remember though that the video requires a better description than still images. The caption length should be long enough to work with your audience.
    • Use important and engaging information first before you can put the “more info” link.
    • Use line breaks to break up long captions into more manageable chunks so that you give the reader an easy time going through the content.
    • Make sure you tag and mention anyone that is relevant to the content, especially the influencers.


To make your posts more appealing, you also need to increase the number of likes on each video posts. Get started by checking out this service https://www.likesocial.co/getting-started/ to know how to add more likes to your video content.

Post At peak Times

The Instagram algorithm has affected when your users see the posts. This means you need to schedule the posts so that they appear at peak times, which makes a huge difference.

However, you have to know when your users are online so that you take advantage of the time when your audience is fully online. Knowing this time increases the views of the videos that you put up. Once you come up with a solid round of engagement, Instagram boosts the reach of your video, which increases the views further.

The peak times vary from one niche to another, and also vary from one account to another. Since your audience is unique, you need to find the perfect time that applies to them.

Final Words

You need to take the time to understand the need for video views and how to use them in your Instagram marketing. Follow these tips to understand this new aspect of marketing.

Instagram for Yoga Teachers: What You Need to Do

Instagram for Yoga Teachers: What You Need to Do

Yoga teachers are increasingly taking to Instagram with the aim of showcasing their skills and getting more students. Being a 100 percent visual platform, Instagram is ideal for yoga teachers because of its emphasis on inspirational visual content.

There are high chances that your students are already on the platform, so if you aren’t then, you are missing out on an opportunity to network and get more students to your studio. This is why you need to know how to use Instagram.

Where Can You Post Photos and Videos on Instagram?

The first thing you need to understand is where you can post images and videos for the followers to access. There are two main areas that you can do this.

First, you can put your images on your feed. This is where you need to place your best images and videos. The photos you upload act as a personal gallery that is permanent, and you only decide when to delete the images.

You will find that most users try to maintain a consistent theme across the images that they post on their feed. This is like a signature look, which means that you make the theme constant. The users also maintain a regular posting schedule that makes it easy for their followers to get content each time.

Secondly, you can post your content on your Instagram Stories. At this place, you can post casually without the need to worry about how everything looks remember that the content you share disappears after 24 hours. You can use this to share stories about your daily life and company processes.

As a general rule, you need to share content that suits your image as a Yoga teacher. Choose the most appealing content to post on your feed so that you can grab the attention of the user.

Watch and Learn

Apart from experimenting with different strategies as you look for the best that suits your goals, you also need to watch the account of already successful yoga teachers so that you can accelerate your progress. Check out what they are doing well as well as those that they could improve on.

Don’t get intimidated when you see so much engagement on their pictures – remember that they started out as beginners once. Try to get inspired instead of getting overwhelmed.

Share Your Classes

You can get more followers if you share what you do in class. Take shots of the class in progress and post them with a caption detailing what is happening in the class. However, some of the students might feel uncomfortable being photographed without knowing, it is therefore imperative that you tell them beforehand and get their permission before taking the shots.

Use Proof

You can use any proof that includes endorsements, testimonials, and reviews to give your potential students a peek into what kind of class you offer.

Make sure you get permission before you post anything on the profile, especially if there is something that can identify the reviewer.

Automate Some More

You need to automate some tasks so that you make it possible to get more followers to your page and get some more time to come up with great content. Free Your Spine recommends a few tools to help you get some time for other tasks. These tools take most of the manual tasks and make them automated, increasing the ROI.

In Closing

You need to take your Yoga classes to the next level with the right tactics. Instagram helps you take your business to new students, and it helps make the old ones loyal.

To Engage or Not To Engage: Instagram Fame Beckons

To Engage or Not To Engage: Instagram Fame Beckons

Over the past few years, Instagram has evolved from being a place to post pet photos to becoming a driver of a lot of business for some of the top brands in the world. Many brands are also jumping on the bandwagon with the aim of getting a slice of the pie. Unlike other social platforms, you can fill your Instagram feed with brand content and get away with it. It has become the marketer’s paradise.

However, to get the best out of Instagram, you need to find a way to engage your audience. Engaging them isn’t all about saying hello and posting a few images of the product, you have to go deeper than this, and be real while at it.

Let us explore a few sure-fire ways to engage the audience, and keep them hooked to your posts.

Use Influencers

If you seek to increase your brand visibility, try using other influential users on this platform. Social media influencers have taken over social media and have become the current day celebrities. These influencers command a huge following that you can leverage to get your message out.

Working closely with influencers helps you to reach more people, build your brand and tell the audience that you pay attention to changes in social media trends.

To get the most out of influencers, you need to understand who to partner with. You don’t want to work with influencers that just have a huge following, but that has the right kind of following that can add value to your efforts.

Partner with an influencer who already has a massive following with a high level of engagement. This means that you become part of an ongoing conversation instead of starting from scratch.

Repost Some More

One of the ways to engage your audience is to use the photos that they have posted on their accounts. Reposting a photo from a followers account is one of the best ways to start a new conversation without racking your brain for content ideas. However, don’t forget to give credit to the original poster of the image.

Use the Right Captions

Many brands don’t take captions seriously. Although this is a visual platform, you need to take captions seriously. A good caption needs to be more than just a few words – it needs to tell a story, explain something or describe a concept. Take time to craft the best caption to bring your image to life.

To make sure the captions work each time you use them, you need to have a consistent voice. Find a personal voice when creating the captions so that you don’t have to put in so much effort when creating the perfect caption.

Participate in the Threads

You need to monitor what your audience is talking about after you post something. Make sure you get it right every time because when it comes to commenting, one missed step can spoil the fun. One of the best ways to handle this is to use an auto liker and commenting tool. This tool helps you add relevant comments, especially to new followers. It also gives you the power to send direct messages. You can check it out and give it a go at https://www.socialsteeze.net/m/.

Engaging your followers proves to them that you care about what they say. This doesn’t take long, but what you do creates the perfect brand loyalty because the audience feels the presence of a real person behind the account.

In Closing

You can engage with your audience in various ways. True engagement follows a pattern and allows you to show your side. Remember, the more you engage, the more you attract followers to your account.

Steps to Build the Ultimate Twitter Marketing Plan

Steps to Build the Ultimate Twitter Marketing Plan

The ideal Twitter marketing plan represents a list of everything that you wish to achieve for your brand. The strategy begins when you decide to open an account on Twitter. This is the point that you start building the strategy from scratch and add various aspects to it to make it perfect for your brand.

You need to make sure the marketing strategy is foolproof and concise. Don’t make a plan that you cannot attain, but start from the bottom and build upon it progressively. The strategy also lets you know when you are succeeding or not, so that you can make amends as required.

Here are the various steps you need to handle to build the perfect Twitter marketing plan.

Have Objectives and Goals

This is the first step towards making the ideal marketing strategy. You need to have goals that are achievable and give them a timeline so that you know when the objective is workable or not.

So, to get started, write at least four objectives for your marketing plan. Visualize the objectives and determine how you are going to achieve each. You need to remember that the goals you come up with need to be smart, measurable, relevant and attainable.

Review Your Twitter Use

Before you can come up with the ultimate plan, you need to examine your use of Twitter. If you are already using the platform, you need to consider the kind of success it has brought to the business. You can use various analytic tools that come free with Twitter, or you can use third-party applications to know what is going on in your account.

If you are starting out, you need to compare the account with existing competitor accounts. Look for your top competitor and find out how he does his business, and grab some lessons from him.

Once you have finished the review, you will be in a position to know how the business is performing online, and whether the Twitter account is serving the intended purpose. This tells you whether you need to update the account or to delete it completely.

If you feel you need something new, then go ahead and create a new Twitter account. Make sure you identify your niche and then integrate your existing audience. You can as well revamp your Twitter account to fit the current business objectives.

Get Inspired!

You also need to find some inspiration from the people that have already made it on Twitter. Your clients, leading brands, and other businesses know one thing or another regarding succeeding on Twitter. These kinds of people bring a wealth of experience to your endeavour. Identify the lessons and integrate them into your marketing plan.

You can use the lessons you get from Twitter to know what clients want from you and what you can do to satisfy their needs. With this in your strategy, you have the edge over all the competitors since you can meet the needs of the user.

Have a Solid Content Plan

You need to deliver information to your audience in a timely fashion. The content you deliver needs to be useful, targeted and relevant to the niche. This kind of content is paramount to your success on Twitter. Make sure you have an editorial calendar so that you understand what to post and when to do it.

Don’t Forget Automation’

One of the top ways to get ahead is to automate various processes using a bot. The bot helps you to automate strenuous and repetitive tasks such as posting and engagement. You can get the right bot from The Small Business Blog. At a mere click, you can check out what each bot offers.

In Closing

You can only succeed in your Twitter marketing efforts if you have a solid marketing strategy to back you up.

How to Jump-start Your Dying Business

How to Jump-start Your Dying Business

Statistics show that more than 50 percent of businesses fail during the first 5 years of their operation. The truth is that these businesses don’t go down overnight. If you think critically, there are a few signs that point to the fact that the business is soon failing, but many business owners fail to notice the signs glaring at them.

The first thing that businesspeople do to try and salvage a dying business is to cut down on the expenses, but unknown to them, they only serve to slow down what will eventually happen. Instead of doing that, they need to be trying to pump in some much needed life into the business. Here is what you need to do when you find yourself in this situation.

Change Direction

Changing direction means different things to different businesses. It might mean changing the kind of products you sell or coming up with a totally new idea for marketing.

However, before you take a totally new direction, you need to take time and undertake research. The research should tell you where the problem is and help you make that decision. For instance, you might think that your product could sell better with young buyers only to find that it sells much better with the older people.

Build a New Brand

Rebranding is generally the first thing that you need to consider especially when the business and your products are not well-positioned.

It is unfortunate that many businessmen think that rebranding is all about changing the logo and theme colours. You need to overhaul everything that places you on the market. This involves changing the colours, the layout, product packaging and more.

One way to rebrand is to change the way your website operates. Buyers will most likely notice any changes you make on the website. You might find that a simple problem such as poor navigation can make it hard for you to sell more, and a tweak on the site can bring back the buyers. Find a professional to change the functionality of your website, and the best place to look is at

Drop the General, Opt for the Focused

When you try too many things, you end up stretching your business to thin. Lack of focus means you are doing so much with limited resources and the result is usually minimum profits.

It can also mean that the niche you are targeting is too broad. Targeting everyone on the market is similar to targeting no one. It is advisable that you get specific with your customer. It is true that you can’t be the best at so many things – you need to find your footing in a single niche and focus on it.

Revamp Your Marketing Plan

Traditional businesses take time before they embrace social media. With this platform taking over the marketing horizon, you need to take it up and incorporate it into your business plan.

Additionally, you need to evaluate your marketing plan and understand whether it suits your target customer base. Maybe the research you performed overinflated the size of the market or you poorly executed your market research.

Coming up with a new marketing plan gives you a blank slate to work with. You start on a fresh marketing plan that puts into place new approaches and uses new tools to get your business out of the ditch.

Don’t Play It Safe

When it comes to businesses and crises, the best route that businesspeople choose is to play it safe. However, many businesses have got out of the rut by taking risks. Instead of being conservative, you can try out new stuff that surprisingly might work for you.

Last Option: Sell the Business

If you try everything and you can’t find a solution, it is time to dispose of the business. Selling off the business might give you the capital you need to fund a new business idea that can work much better. Use the money to start a new venture, enjoy new experiences and learn from your past mistakes.

In Closing

After you have done it all, at times businesses fail, and your investment goes down the drain. No need to worry, follow the ideas outlined above to rescue your business.

Holiday History: The Origins of 3 Christmas Traditions

Holiday History: The Origins of 3 Christmas Traditions

Celebrated in more than 160 countries by over two billion people around the world, Christmas is the biggest date on the calendar for many people. In the United States alone, 90 percent of the population celebrates Christmas, with a third of Americans recognizing December 25 as a cultural holiday instead of a religious holiday. Even in countries that aren’t typically Christian, Christmas decorations and traditions are observed. Christmas celebrations have been happening in one form or another for nearly two thousand years, but how much do you know about the history of the customs that you participate in each year?

1. Christmas Day

As you probably already know, Christmas was intended to honor the birth of Jesus Christ in a manger to a virgin mother. Nobody can say with any certainty when exactly Jesus was born, but the first recorded mention of December 25 as Christ’s birthday came in 336 AD. At the time, birthdays weren’t celebrated like they are today, which is why it took over three hundred years for Christmas to be recognized. There are a number of theories, some religious and some practical, suggesting why December 25 was chosen as the date. Early religious scholars calculated that since Christ died on March 25, he was also conceived on March 25, according to the Jewish belief that great men lived whole, non-fractional lives. Hence, Jesus must have been born nine months later on December 25.

In an early Christmas sermon, St. Augustine posited that Jesus decided to be born on the shortest day of the year for symbolic reasons. A more practical theory for the designation of December 25 as Christmas Day suggests that the date was chosen to establish a Christian alternative to holidays being celebrated by other cultures and religions around the same time, such as the Jewish Festival of Lights, the German Yule Festival, and the Winter Solstice. The Roman feast of Saturnalia – held on December 17 of the Julian calendar and extending to December 23 – was particularly influential on developing Christmas traditions like exchanging gifts, hanging decorative wreaths, and making merry for days on end.

2. Christmas Tree

Perhaps the ultimate icon of the holiday season is the Christmas tree. Every year, families around the world put up a tree and adorn it with beautiful decorations to prepare for the big day. Symbolizing eternal life, evergreens have been revered by many cultures throughout history, including ancient Egyptians, Chinese, and Hebrews who used trees, wreaths, and garlands in their customs and traditions. Tree worship was also a component of Scandinavian culture and European pagan rituals, and the tradition survived the conversion to Christianity as trees were erected in December to ward off evil and provide a perch for any birds that remained in the winter. The first person to place lighted candles on an evergreen tree was Protestant Christian reformer Martin Luther, and the first recorded depiction of a Christmas tree was discovered on a German keystone sculpture from 1576.

The Christmas tree tradition first appeared in North America in 1781 when a Hessian general and his wife held a Christmas party – featuring a fir tree adorned with fruits and candles – while they were stationed in the Province of Quebec. As the 19th century rolled on, Christmas trees became commonplace in the United States, but the tradition really caught on in the 1850s after a woodcut depicting the British royal family surrounding their ornate tree was reproduced in America. As the quirky custom exploded in popularity in the 20th century, people went out to the woods or to a commercial Christmas tree lot and brought home a real tree, usually a variety of fir or pine, to decorate with their families. These days, for the sake of convenience, you probably have an artificial tree you pull out of the basement each year. If you’re in the market for a new artificial Christmas tree, there’s a wide selection available, as you can see at Xmastree Express.

3. Christmas Stockings

A beloved Christmastime activity for children everywhere is the hanging of stockings, preferably by the chimney with care, in the hopes that Santa Claus will fill the empty vessels with presents when he visits. While there is no definitive origin for this unusual tradition, the legend of Saint Nicholas includes a tale about a poor father who didn’t have enough money to provide a dowry for his daughters to get married. Owing to his kind and generous disposition, St. Nick took it upon himself to lend a hand by secretly tossing a sack of gold through the window or down the chimney, where it landed in a stocking that was hung to dry by the fire. Once word got out, children began leaving out their stockings hoping to receive similar bounties.

Of course, if a child has misbehaved during the year, custom dictates that they are left a lump of coal in their stocking. The origins of this practice aren’t exactly clear, either, but every culture has their own mythical gift-giving character – such as Sinterklaas and La Befana – and they have all been known to leave “gifts” of onions, garlic, salt, or twigs for those on the naughty list. So, unless your bad seed was a budding chef, they would hopefully learn their lesson and reform in time for next year. An offshoot of the Saint Nicholas legend is his companion, Krampus, a devilish creature who would punish unruly rugrats in a variety of ways from swatting them with sticks and whips to eating, drowning, or delivering them straight to Hell.

As you can see, the Christmas season certainly has its share of unusual customs that have become normalized over the years. At its heart, the holiday is all about getting together with family and friends and celebrating the spirit of the season, and that’s something that will never change.

Do You Need Instagram as an Author?

Do You Need Instagram as an Author?

With more than 800 million visitors a month, you must be wondering whether Instagram is the best platform to market your books. After all, the main content of a book is text as compared to images and video, which is the mainstay of Instagram.

Words form the lifeline of every facet of a writer’s work. You use words to communicate stories, and you need them to put everything else in place. You might be wondering whether there is space for you on Instagram, there is. As an author, you need to be on Instagram, and you need to use it to market your books for several reasons.

Find Free Reviewers for Your Book

This is self-explanatory. When you have followers on Instagram, chances are that they will be willing to read your book and leave comments. Through the truthful reviews, you can make amends or push the book for sale. As they review, other people pick up interest in the book, which ultimately leads to more sales.

Marketing and Promotion

You can use Instagram to promote your latest book. You can do this by hosting a contest where a few winners get a free copy of the book. To make it more interesting, you can ask the audience to submit photos of anything that revolves around the theme of the book.

Contests are some of the best ways to get your book out to the masses without incurring heavy advertising costs.

There is no better place to promote the new book cover than on your Instagram feed. Book covers represent the most powerful tools to use to attract an audience. Many times, readers have been attracted to a book just because of the cover of the book. This forms a reason to come up with the best cover art you can so as to get more readers buying the book.

Engage Your Fans

Nothing beats writer’s block like engaging with your fans. As you talk to them, you can get inspired to write a few more paragraphs or even complete the remaining part of the book!

You can also engage your fans on anything and everything ranging from research to fun items. Doing this can easily attract a ton of followers or give you the inspiration you need for the next book. Check out selectedbest.info to find out how to engage fans easily.

Give Readers a Peek into Your Life

You don’t have to reveal everything about your life to your readers, but a few images showing your recent vacation or a weekend trip to the beach can make you get noticed.

Readers like to see what the real you look like when you aren’t behind the desk writing the next masterpiece. The more you show your fans your other side, the more they become inclined to follow you and engage you on a more personal level regarding your work.

In Closing

It doesn’t take a lot of convincing to see that Instagram gives you more than just a place to catch up with friends. It has great potential when it comes to the marketing of your book and engaging your readers

Should You Opt for a Wedding Singer or Band

Should You Opt for a Wedding Singer or Band

Many factors come in play when choosing the kind of entertainment for an upcoming weeding. One of the toughest tasks is to choose the kind of music you like and a singer to perform on the day within your budget.

One of the top questions on many peoples’ minds is whether to choose a solo wedding singer or go for a band to perform. Both of these have their pros and cons, which you need to take into account when making the ultimate decision when you visit theweddingsinger.uk.com.

The Major Difference

You need to know that there is a huge difference between these two – the cost. While you are paying for a single performer when you go solo, you are paying for several people when you choose a band. This can add a significant amount to the total price, though it is worth noting that the bands offer different packages for you to choose from.

The Solo Wedding Singer

When it comes to performing solo, the wedding singer still offers a performance that will make the day awesome. He uses the right equipment and is usually backed up by high quality sounds. This is ideal for those who are looking for all the excitement and fun of live performances without the extra costs.

The wedding singer offers high quality sound systems that are professional. You won’t miss the presence of a band.

The Issue of Space

There is no doubt that a live band will need more space compared to a single performer. This means that you are better off with the individual if you are holding your wedding and reception in a venue with limited space.

If you have some money to play with and you can get a bigger venue, then you can go for a band to play at your wedding and reception.

Choosing the Best Performer Whether Solo Singer or Band

There are several things to consider when looking for a wedding singer or band. The first aspect is to choose a singer who is professionally trained to handle crowds. The singer should be comfortable on a platform and be ready to deliver a performance that will enhance your experience. You can get this information by talking to previous clients.

The second aspect is the experience of the singer in delivering the right kind of performance at an event similar than yours in front of different kinds of groups. You can check out the singer’s website for testimonials to this effect. This is vital because the singer needs to reassure you that he can create the right kind of atmosphere for the wedding while making sure everyone has a good time regardless of the backgrounds and age groups. It is a big bonus if the singer has landed several other gigs prior to taking up your job.

In Closing

Your wedding, whether in church or on the beach, cannot be complete without the infusion of the right kind of music. Make sure you chose whether you need a band or a solo singer.

The Benefits of choosing a pay monthly website with Pay Monthly

The Benefits of choosing a pay monthly website with Pay Monthly

Many startup businesses need a website in order to showcase their business or product. Purchasing a website can be a huge upfront investment that can become a financial burden and a very time consuming process. Setting a website up alone can be a very daunting idea and also a time consuming process that can lead to financial strain that can negatively affect your business if you do not know what you are doing. Let’s discover why pay monthly websites are a better choice, especially for small business owners, or businesses trying to expand and make their presence known online.

A pay monthly website is more less risk and more affordable as you do not have to pay a large sum of money upfront. By paying monthly you can have a low cost website with minimum investment. With no set up fee this will allow you to use your saved money to spend in other important areas of your business.  With having no minimum term or contract choosing pay monthly enables you to be in control of your business and more financially flexible. If you are a business on a budget why would you want to spend a huge amount of money on something that can be done more cost effective and efficiently.

Pay monthly offers unique designs that are made specifically for you and your business. You will receive a custom tailor made design influenced by your ideas and our vast experience.

If you need a blog pay monthly can also help you to include a blog on your website. This will help to entice potential customers and have them returning interested to check any updates from your business. The internet is a huge and endless jungle, having a blog is vital in helping your business get found online by boosting your SEO and having your website pop up on search engines.

At Pay monthly we are here to support you and your business every step of the way and more.  You will receive constant support via phone and email 24/7 from our experienced team of experts.

As you can see using pay monthly is a very straight forward, affordable way to set up your website and get online fast. With minimum risk or investment you can have a professional custom website made and supported by our team of experts to help build your business online.

Website And Marketing Is Crucial For Your Business

Website And Marketing Is Crucial For Your Business

In today’s Internet age business has adapted to customers expectations regarding marketing and online presence. Customers now expect every company to have a website where they can preview the company, look at products, and make orders that will be sent quickly to their home. They expect a social media presence on every major social media platform. They also expect quick support if they have any questions or concerns regarding products or orders. In the business cycle, if your business has not adapted to the internet and information age, your business will surely not last for long, or be “Amazoned”. Marketing has also changed in the digital age. Instead of traditional marketing such as TV commercials and billboards, marketing has now shifted to the internet. Big name websites such as Facebook gives advertisers the ability to advertise products or services to a wide range demographic for a cheap price. If you do not ride this new wave, your business will surely drown while other competitors are riding the wave to profit island.

Web sites are becoming a must-have. Not just a regular website but a beautiful website. There is a whole industry that has been created to build websites for companies. Prices range from a couple hundred dollars up to thousands of dollars. It is very important to choose a company that does great work for a good price. If this is not looked into, you could end up with a horrible website that you have to pay for. One great reputable company that creates amazing websites for business is Toronto Web Design And Development. They are very flexible with price and can create any idea you have come to life. They understand exactly what customers want in today’s digital age and how to market to every demographic. Feel free to go check out Toronto web design and development. Outshine your competitors!

One of the most important demographics to target is millennials. Since now that they are coming of age with their own bank accounts, incomes, and credit cars, they are now the target audience of almost every company. One thing many marketing departments of companies that do not understand is that millennials are not watching as much TV as much as older generations, or looking for traditional advertising such as billboards or advertisements in public transportation. They love advertisements that are on social media and various websites that they love to visit. Because millennials are looking up to celebrities and athletes advertisers are now paying marketing companies to advertise their products and brand to millennials that look up to them on social media.

SEO has become a major part of every marketer’s toolbox. SEO is a simple concept but can be hard to understand. SEO is when marketers ut words into content or articles on a website to make that article come up higher on search engines such as Google. Whole new industry’s and jobs are popping up to fill the demand of expert marketers based in SEO. If companies do not understand exactly how SEO works and how they can use it to their advantage they are at a competitive disadvantage compared to companies that understand and use it properly,

Some companies decide to hire their own marketing experts to produce in-house marketing and some decide to hire marketing firms to handle it for them. There are hundreds of freelancers online that know exactly how to help small business to a big corporation with their marketing in today’s digital age. If business does not understand how to use this to their advantage, their profits will shrink. No one likes shrinking profits and smaller income streams.

Every company needs an amazing website that customers can easily use to find the products that they will love. Companies also need intelligent marketing to reach new buyers in new markets. There are various companies that can create a beautiful website for your business that you can be proud of, such as the one mentioned above in this article. Do not be left behind in the business cycle. Use marketing on the internet wisely to create profit for your company. Use SEO to attract new viewers to your website. Marketing is easy in today’s digital age.

Benefits of Relaxation Masks

Benefits of Relaxation Masks

If you are getting fewer than 8 hours of sleep every night, odds are you are sleep deprived. Furthermore, you potentially have no idea just how much loss of sleep is affecting you.

How can you be sleep deprived without having any knowledge of it? Many of the indications of sleep deprivation are subtler than falling face first in a dinner plate. Moreover, if you have made a habit of skimping out on sleep, you might not even recall what it feels like to be really alert, fully awake, and ready to go. Perhaps it seems normal to get sleepy as you are in a boring meeting, having trouble getting through that afternoon slump, or nodding off after supper, yet the fact is that it only is “normal” if you are sleep deprived.

You might be sleep deprived if you…

  • Require an alarm clock to wake up in time
  • Rely upon your snooze button
  • Have a difficult time rising out of bed when morning arrives
  • Seem sluggish within the afternoon
  • Become drowsy in warm rooms, lectures, or meetings
  • Become sleepy after a heavy meal or while driving
  • Have to nap to get through your day
  • Go to asleep when watching television or relaxing at night
  • Feel the necessity to sleep in on the weekends
  • Go to asleep within 5 minutes of laying down for bed

Effects of sleep deprivation

As it might seem like losing sleep is not such a huge deal, sleep deprivation will have a broad array of negative effects which go beyond daytime sleepiness. Loss of sleep will affect your reaction times, coordination, and judgment. As a matter of fact, sleep deprivation may affect you similar to the way in which someone is drunk.

Its effects involve:

  • Lack of motivation, lethargy, fatigue
  • Increased risk of depression, irritability and moodiness
  • Relationship problems; decreased sex drive
  • Impaired brain activity; memory, concentration, and learning problems
  • Decreased problem-solving skills and creativity; hard time making decisions
  • Incapability of coping with stress, hard time managing emotions
  • Premature aging of skin
  • Weakened immune system; constant infections and colds; gaining weight
  • Impaired motor skills as well as increased accident risk; delirium and hallucinations
  • Higher risk of severe health issues, which include diabetes, stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, and specific cancers

According to the National Sleep Foundation it is recommended to get 7 – 9 hours of sleep every night – no simple feat for busy average Americans. To achieve this naturally, most individuals turn to relaxation masks, an aid which may improve your life quality in numerous ways, which include these 3 benefits:

Improves sleep

The initial relaxation mask benefit is the most typical reason for utilizing this type of tool: they’ll block light out during the evening so it’s possible to fall asleep. Whether you are attempting to catch some z’s on a red-eye flight or to share a bedroom with somebody who loves to remain up late reading with a lamp on, this aid will shield the eyes from light and additional distractions, assisting you in drifting off as fast as you can. Click for info on sleep mask reviews.

Bear in mind that getting adequate sleep is not just about kicking a caffeine addiction or avoiding your afternoon energy slump – it is vital for your health. This component of self-care is critical for both your physical and mental well-being, according to National Heart, Blood & Lung Institute. Sleep deprivation even has been connected to increased obesity risk, elevated blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and additional troubling health conditions.

Will encourage relaxation

The stress of your day does not vanish as the sun sets. Occasionally when you finally have the ability to change into something more comfortable and get into bed, your mind might not have the ability to shut off, and leave you alert and staring at your ceiling for hours. But, a relaxation mask might assist you by promoting relaxation, aiding you in drifting off to sleep. A few of the aids offer gentle pressure around the eyes, which most individuals find soothing. Also, the best relaxation masks provide additional benefits that encourage stress relief.

Offers relief of pain

Sometimes it might not be distractions or stress that keeps you awake – it might be pain. It’s especially common if you experience regular migraines or headaches. A relaxation mask may assist in blocking out the light which might irritate your condition, aiding in minimizing the symptoms.

A few masks even can be put in the freezer, permitting you to appreciate the gentle relief developed by the cold material, like the way you may use a cool compress on your sore knee. That may be useful not just for headaches, yet also eye strain, whether it is caused by a lengthy day of work at your computer or hours spent lost inside a favorite book.

Three Convenient WordPress Plugins for Your Mailing List

Three Convenient WordPress Plugins for Your Mailing List

Faster website development requires a larger mailing list. Of course, you need to keep on giving out emails to others so that you will earn more. However, traditional methods of mailing will no longer suffice. Especially when you need to establish upgrades, run tests for boosting conversations, send out opt-in forms for more locations on your site, prompt forms depending on the behavior of users, and take advantage of effective strategies. Now, that may seem like a hassle for you, but there is great news for you. All of those can be made possible by various WordPress plugins.


From Elegant Themes, Bloom is a fully-featured WordPress plugin for building lists. You may use this plugin for adding many opt-in forms like below post, fly-ins, inline, popovers, and widgets. Also, it may also be usable as a content-locking plugin, allowing readers to input their email address on a form. Although, one disadvantage is that Bloom lacks a visual editor since it mainly functions as a settings list. Another is that Bloom does not have any exit intent triggers, but other types are available such as for fly-in forms and popovers.

Although, one disadvantage is that Bloom lacks a visual editor since it mainly functions as a settings list. Another is that Bloom does not have any exit intent triggers, but other types are available such as for fly-in forms and popovers. You may even prompt popovers if a user comments or is inactive. Furthermore, you may choose a template among many available. This plugin offers you various designs that are visually appealing.


This one has managed to come a long way. Optin Monster was initially a WordPress plugin, and now it has become a cloud-based application. Of course, that is of importance, because the opt-in forms you have will have a central location. For you, it offers good managing and overview. With the app, you can add a form, edit it, initiate split tests, and monitor overall progress. Overall, you will benefit more if you have more than one WordPress site, as you may prioritize on conversions.

The app has a range of opt-in form types such as advanced display rules, content locking, dynamic text replacement, and a yes/no feature. Furthermore, basic customization is possible thanks to its editor that is simple to use. And unlike Bloom, the app has an exit intent feature.

Thrive Leads

You may wonder why this one was not yet listed. Well, isn’t it only natural to save the best for last? Thrive Leads is currently the best building plugin on the market. It comes with every feature that will help you boost the number of your email subscribers. Furthermore, there are a considerable number of opt-in form types that you can choose from, and each one has various templates available.

You can add any number of opt-in and then select where you want them to be displayed. Also, the split testing is unique. You may split test various opt-in form types against other types of opt-ins, instead of only split testing the same forms against each other. Furthermore, it has comprehensive progress reports, as you can choose between a general overview or more specific details. Lastly, this plugin has smart links, enabling a variety of call to action for subscribers.

Other Mailing List Plugins

There are even more mailing list plugins that you can choose. You can try searching for a plugin online or start by reading the list by FredHarrington.com. In the end, it all comes to efficiency and preference.


With WordPress mailing list plugins, you will have an easier time dealing with emails compared to using traditional methods. Try out any of these three plugins and stick with the one that suits you. Remember, you want to focus on your prioritized tasks and leave the repetitive work to plugins.

IT Support Services: Modern Necessity for Businesses

IT Support Services: Modern Necessity for Businesses

Nowadays, we have remote services that are provided thanks to the Internet. The same case also applies to support services in business. Various software programs perform the daily tasks and sort the information that is necessary to increase work productivity. However, when these software programs fail, business owners and employees are usually unable to fix the problem. And so, modern business corporations are reliant on IT Support Services to deal with technological problems that occur in daily operation.

Finding an IT Support Service

You should look for a local IT service provider, as they are beneficial to your business. Do check the Essex IT Support | Local Business | Amazing Support if your company is located there. Otherwise, look for the companies that are available near your location.

Data Backups and Recovery

The biggest dilemma for any company is the damage or loss of its data. Accurate, computer-generated statistics of all the processes and transactions that occur in the business are one of the most important factors that decide which direction a company will take. Also, a huge portion of data also include credentials for their clients and marketing uses. After a data loss, a company will require assistance from an IT support service to provide backup data, business contingency plans, and disaster recovery solutions to be able to recover any vital data. Overall, data backups and recovery are significantly important because a business’ reputation and revenues are reliant on it.

Email Services

Your business will have to rely on email to provide communication and customer service. Instead of hiring employees to send emails around the clock, which is quite costly, you can hire IT support providers instead. Hiring IT support providers to provide email services is a cost-effective way to manage, monitor, and protect email systems.

End-User Support Services

Remote and offline assistance is available via email and phone. IT service providers will try to solve any issues that are present. Remote technicians will take control of your computer to identify the cause of the problem. Then, they will come up with ways to fix it.

Network Setup and Administration

If your company only has less than 50 employees, you probably do not have the staff to setup a network. You should let an outsourced network administrator setup and manage your network for you. You can save resources because this is much more cost-friendly than employing your own IT staff.

Network Security

You do not want anyone to be able to hack into your company’s network and wreak havoc. Security is a necessity for you. Through outsourcing, an IT provider can setup network security to get rid of its vulnerabilities. You will also get updated firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and security patches that will keep the critical data of your company secured.

Onsite Consultation and Support

IT companies usually suffer from hardware and software re-installations and replacements, as well as network failures. Onsite support can resolve such issues quickly. Onsite support services only require a minimum time frame to resolve issues.

Server Support

Business companies server installation at the workplace. Servers process client requests, including the distribution of emails and retrieval of files. Furthermore, your server acts as the central point of information network and connects the business to other companies. Again, IT support services can help perform this task for you. They will check the available disk space, improve system availability, install latest Microsoft service packs and update them, and reduce downtime by providing automatic fixes for typical problems.


Business companies make use of software programs to perform multitudes of tasks. When a problem occurs with these programs, IT support services can help resolve it. IT support providers offer different types of services to make your company successful.